Those "Dam" Streets

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Those "Dam" streets of Boca Grande.
The "Dam" streets. Damfiwill, Damfino, Damficare. Yes, these do exist. And here's the story according to the Boca Grande historical society.

Origin of the "Dam" Streets: How did Boca Grande streets get their names? Some streets are named after people, like Gilchrist and Wheeler, or their location; for example Gulf Shore Lane and Bayou. The story about the origin of the "Dam" streets was told at a 1993 cocktail party by a reliable source who is also a great story teller.

It goes something like this; Lee County recorded the streets as Second, Third and Fourth Streets SE. This makes sense since many streets in Boca Grande are numbered. As the story goes, there was a Tampa gentleman who was building a house on Third St. When his lumber company called asking for an address to deliver supplies they were referred to the gentleman's fishing captain. When asked for the name of the street, the captain replied, "Damfino." Someone at the lumber company had a great sense of humor because he painted the name on a piece of wood and stuck it into the ground at the corner of E. Railroad Ave. and Third St. SE.

Not long after, residents of Fourth St. happened to be cocktailing together and someone suggested they come up with a more imaginative name for their street. "Who cares," said someone else in the crowd. That did it, Damficare Street was born. According to my source, Kay Reed gets the credit for changing the name of Second St. She lived at the end of the road and one day produced a unique totem pole sign, declaring her street Damfiwill. An employee in the Lee County E911 Program's Addressing Office remembered the paperwork making those the official names of the streets. However, it's been many years ago, and the documents are no longer available in their system, she explained. Article by Karen Grace, board member Boca Grande Historical Society.


Those Dam streets!

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